Cannondale SystemSix Hi-Mod Carbon Disc Aero Frameset

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  • Model Cannondale SystemSix Hi-Mod Disc Frameset
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The Cannondale SystemSix Hi-Mod Carbon Disc Aero Frameset is the basis of your dream aero road bike build. Cannondale has engineered the BallisTec Hi-Mod carbon fibre layup so that this bike is faster everywhere and not just in the wind tunnel. This lightweight material makes climbing faster, while the stiffness of the reinforced carbon boosts your sprint speed. The compatibility with flat mount disc brakes ensures you can build up a top specification road bike with unrivalled stopping power and modulation.

The Fastest Road Bike In The World!

The SystemSix Hi-Mod is ​​the road bike with the lowest air resistance on the market. Since the bike makes up about 30% of the total drag of a rider, this results in much less effort for each driver and at every speed.

The SystemSix's aerodynamic advantage makes it faster than the lightweight mountain bike developed specifically for it, up to 6% and beyond (depending on the rider's power-to-weight ratio). For comparison, the heaviest HC climbs on the tour have on average only 7 to 8%.

With a 5% incline, a driver would need to deliver over 300 watts of power on a conventional lightweight bike just to keep up with the driver on the SystemSix; he drives quite relaxed.

At 48 km / h, the SystemSix saves you 50 watts of power - quite a bit, considering that the performance-related anaerobic threshold of the average Category 1 driver is 350 watts. And even in the lee of the wind, you can still exhaust almost 60% of this benefit.

In a 200-meter sprint, where drivers hammer up to 1000 watts of power into their cranks, the SystemSix driver would be four wheel lengths ahead of the field.

Even at a relaxed group pace, the SystemSix needs about 10% less power for the same speed. So you have more energy left when it comes to the preserves.


A special design for disc brakes allows the aerodynamic optimization of the frame and fork and the selection of wheels and tires, which would not have been possible with rim brakes.

Hidden cable routing

Unique design routes brake lines and Di2 cables through an opening in the front of the headtube, bypassing headset bearings. An integrated steering stop prevents damage to the cables and permits a full +/– 50° of steering rotation.

  • Frame: SystemSix, BallisTec Hi-MOD Carbon, Di2 ready, SAVE, BB30a
  • Fork: SystemSix BallisTec SAVE carbon
  • Seatpost: SystemSix carbon fiber
  • Tapered head tube with integrated 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" headset Integrated cable routing
  • Front derailleur: Braze-on type
  • PressFit 30a bottom bracket
  • For front 100x12mm / rear 142x12mm thru axle disc brakes
  • Comes with a carbon frame, carbon fork, headset, seat clamp and carbon seatpost
  • For electronic shifting systems and traditional mechanical shifting systems



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