Delta 7 Carbon Road Frameset

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  • Model Delta 7 Carbon Road Frameset
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Delta 7 pioneered this technology, and offers these commemorative edition frames in a very limited quantity available for 15 very special cyclist now.

A Carbon Strand Grid structure commemorative collector edition.

Be one of only 15 people in the world to own these hand built, custom painted, next generation carbon technology bicycle frames.

Delta 7 High Performance Bike Advantages

Carbon Strand Woven Grid Structure carbon construction method

uses an aerospace, high performance, multi fiber strand, each strand a super fiber woven into a structural grid. The super fibers are woven to create a stronger overall structural than any other known carbon shape or structure. This is the next generation of Carbon Fiber Superstructures.

Most Efficient Bike Design

The patented open lattice, spider-web bike design leverages greater efficiency from the IsoTruss carbon fiber’s strength by concentrating material at proper reinforcement intervals and eliminating excess material. The unique bike design makes it one of the most efficient bikes ever on the market.

Lightweight Bike Structure

At 1.9 pounds the ultra-light bike frames withstand the same high loads as other carbon fiber bike frames with fewer fibers, giving the rider more efficiency and superior strength.

Increased Bike Stiffness

Standard bike stiffness & deflection testing of this unique bike design and geometry provide increased response, handling, and transfer of pedaling force.

Impact Resistance

The super strands make the bikes even stronger during impact and crash scenarios.

Custom Bike Ride-Optimization

The Super Strands allows for force direction specific design. This high performance bike frame is customized with more fibers on the side for improved lateral stiffness as well as fewer fibers on top/bottom for greater vertical compliance, opening up a world of ride tuning possibilities.

  • Please note: Comes with a frame and fork



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